Habib Metropolitan Financial Services
(Subsidiary of Habib Metropolitan Bank)
(T R E Certificate Holder Pakistan Stock Exchange)
Friday, May 26, 2017   

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Welcome to Habib Metropolitan Financial Services

HMFS offers a comprehensive array of equity brokerage services. Being a fully owned subsidiary of HabibMetro Bank Ltd, ... more >>>


Research Updates

Market @16:30.. November 11, 2016
The market persisted on its bullish spree gathering a further momentum to get into touching distance with the 43K level ...more >>>

Company Update:Result Review - 1QFY17.. November 11, 2016
Indus Motor Company Ltd (INDU) reported its financial results for the 1QFY17, whereby the company announced earnings of PKR 3,047mn (EPS: PKR38.77) as compared to PKR 2,934mn (EPS: PKR37.33)... more >>>

Sector Update: Headline Inflation Picks Pace 4.21% Y/Y.. November 02, 2016
The official inflation statistics released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) for the month of Oct’16 reflect an increment in CPI to the tune of 4.21% Y/Y...more >>>

Weekend Review:Setting Sights on 43K.. November 11, 2016
The market offered a mix of tumult and relief during the outgoing week as the index came in touching distance with the 43K level... more >>>


SCRA, Jul16 to date 07-Sept-2016 (USD)
Current inflow/outflow:(19,339)
Balance @ end FY16:1,942,122
Net investment:1,922,783
FIPI (USD) 08-Sept-2016
Current (08-09-2016) : 3.28
Previous (07-09-2016) : 0.03
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Economic Indicators

Growth FY16E 4.80%
Current A/C (Jul-Feb) ($1,859)mn
Inflation CPI (Jul- Mar) 3.94%
Remittances (Jul-Mar) $14,157mn
Exports (Jul-Mar) $15,649mn
Imports (Jul-Mar) $32,696mn
Foreign Direct (Jul-Jan) $647.90mn
Trade Balance (Jul-Mar) $17,047mn
Forex Reserve (08 Apr) $20.83bn
Foreign Debt (Jun 15) $49.10bn